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Thubanna’s business model is developed from these features of the game design. We can realistically assess the Indian domestic market as 30 – 50 million units, and the worldwide market as 120 – 180 million units. Our goal is to meet 50% of Indian market demand within 10 years, and 30% of worldwide market demand in 12 years.


Intellectual Property

Thubanna Pvt Ltd is the sole authorised user of the intellectual property encompassed by ‘mog™’. This consists of copyright of the description and rules of the game, from 2016; trademarks awarded in Europe and Australia, and currently under application in USA, China and India; and patents protecting the originality and inventiveness of the game, awarded in USA as US Patent 10,799,786 and under application in Australia, Europe, China and India.

Our Operations

Sales are handled for the most part by Authorised Distributors, which are reputable companies with an established market position. New businesses can achieve accreditation through a ladder of graduated sales goals.We can undertake a direct-sale pathway for institutional customers who are operating under prescribed conditions. These include bulk-order customers, corporate entities and, notably, organisations which typically purchase by tender.
We can also authorise end-of-chain sellers, including retailers, in areas or sectors where we do not have a distributor currently operating.

What makes mog™ different?

mog™ is designed with in-built features which make sure that at every stage of the game players have many alternative choices in playing their move. A dice throw can be played in up to eight ways, for any piece. Players can also choose whether to play for position or for capture, they can attack or defend, and they can change their strategy at any time. In many roll-and-move games the fall of dice will dictate the flow of play and there is only one outcome for any particular throw. This is not so in mog™; the player decides how to use their dice-throw and their opponent cannot predict or control the move they make.

In many games a player can build an advantage through luck and the outcome will be determined well before the game finishes. This cannot happen in mog™. Players must not only look for their own opportunities, but be aware of potential opportunities for their opponent. This factor makes a game of mog™ a genuine clash of wills.

What makes mog™ special?

mog™ is constructed from very simple elements combined in a unique way. These contribute to the complexity of the game play and the sophistication of the game’s mechanism. The unique features of mog™ are recognised by patent. Other features are included to hold the mechanism together and to facilitate the play. These are all described in ‘the hard stuff’.

It is a feature of mog™ that the rules governing play are few and simple, so playing the game does not require mastery of a contrived and obscure set of supplementary and conditional clauses. This makes the game accessible to a broad range of people and a wide age-group. Also, because mog™ is a number-and-space game, it has an educational capability without being an ‘educational game’. You can read about this in ‘the skills of mog™’

How many mog™s are there?

This is a good one. The standard form of mog™ is played with fifteen pieces on a board with ten rows and ten columns. Dice will most likely be cubes (hexahedra), but could also be octahedra (with eight faces), or dodecahedra (with twelve faces), or some other proper shape. mog™s are actually constructed to express the properties of the dice rather than the dimensions of the board. The highest-order true die has 120 faces; in principle, we can make a mog™ with

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Operations of the Company

– Thubanna Pvt Ltd is an all-India company centred on Delhi and Punjab. Our goal is to seek out and partner with the best manufacturers in the country to produce a high-quality product at an affordable price, and to promote the game as a positive and engaging contribution to the social and cultural life of the community.

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