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The toy and game industry in India is highly diversified with many medium and small manufacturers producing a broad range of products and product types. We see this as a positive feature of the industry and view all of the participants of the toy and games industry as our colleagues and partners. Thubanna enters this field as a commissioning manufacturer, and has, as a fundamental element of its business philosophy and business plan, the intention to partner with a team of high-quality contributing suppliers from all over India to satisfy our market with a guaranteed quality of product, locally produced and distributed, and economically priced at a range of accessible cost points. We have a single product, the board-game ‘mog™’.

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Welcome to Thubanna

Here you will find information and resources about our company Thubanna Pvt Ltd. This includes statutory compliance data, operational status, and administrative contacts. If you want to know more about our product, or have a sales request, please go to our companion website


About our Product

mog™ is a roll-and-move boardgame for two players. The board is divided into rows and columns of cells and moves are made by rolling two dice. Players can get a win either by taking all of their opponent's pieces or by placing their own pieces on designated home-cells. The game is quick to set up and is easy to learn and to play. A typical game takes about 20 minutes. Points are scored for a win and successive games can be played in a set. The game is suitable for players 6 - 600 yrs.


Why ‘mog™'?

Several issues common to game-play design have been directly addressed in this game.
Many games have design flaws that create complex conditions that can only be resolved by complicated rules, breaking up the play and risking argument and conflict. ‘mog™’ has a simple rule-set which completely describes the game play.
Many games are enthusiastically followed by some people, but are not liked by others. The offer to “let’s play this” creates a negativity which can strain social relationships. ‘mog™’ is enjoyed by everybody.
Many games have an apparent winner well before the game reaches end-of-play. This is a discouragement to the losing player and can lead to abandonment of the game and negative feelings between players. A game of ‘mog™’ remains open right up to the last play. Determination, focus and awareness of the opponent are required of a winner even if one player seems to have an advantage.
Many games seem to go on forever. Undertaking such a game means making an unknown time commitment. ‘mog™’ will play out in about 20 minutes, with a clear result and a worthy winner.

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Operations of the Company

– Thubanna Pvt Ltd is an all-India company centred on Delhi and Punjab. Our goal is to seek out and partner with the best manufacturers in the country to produce a high-quality product at an affordable price, and to promote the game as a positive and engaging contribution to the social and cultural life of the community.

Registered Address

602, Block A, Naurang Bhawan, 21 Kasturba
Gandhi Murg, Delhi, 110001, NEW DELHI
CIN – U92419DL209PTC349223